Obligatory equipment

Soria Moria til Verdens Ende

Updated 25.09.2019

Obligatory equipment

  • Backpack

  • Reflective vest or equally visible reflective marking, must be worn at night

  • Reflective mark or red lamp attached to the rear side of backpack

  • Wind and water resistant jacket

    • Clothing that covers the legs completely

  • Headlamp in good working condition, with spare batteries

  • Aids for navigation: GPS-supported unit (e.g., handhold GPS unit, GPS watch, mobile phone) or paper map and compass

  • Mobile phone with the number to the organizer stored: +47 951 34 742

  • Powerbank

  • Drink reservoir with a total volume of minimum 1 liter

  • Cup

  • Survival blanket

  • Food reserve

    • Drink reserve

    • A payment card

    Equipment you might find useful (not obligatory)

    • Over-trousers

      • Warm mid-layer top

      • Cap, buff

      • Bandage, tape, adhesive plaster

      • Scissors

      • Walking poles

      Comments and explanations

      All obligatory equipment must be carried by the participant all the way from start to finish.

      If you choose to use walking poles you will have to carry them for the whole race, from start to finish.

      The backpack must have reflective marks, for you to be seen in the dark when crossing or following roads.

      It is not mandatory to dress such that the legs are completely covered. The point here is that you bring sufficient clothing to attain complete coverage, should this be necessary.

      If you are using the mobile phone for navigation: Beware that the routes are entering areas without service.

      You need to carry a power bank and spare batteries with sufficient capacity to support the telephone and other equipment requiring electricity (GPS unit, headlamp, etc.).

      You have to bring your own cup, for use on the service stations.

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