Soria Moria Hotel

Soria Moria til Verdens Ende

Updated 29.12.2018

For the race in 2019 Soria Moria hotel can offer the following:

Accommodation 10-11 May

Per person per day in single bed room: 775 NOK

Per person per day in twinbed room (2 persons per room): 475 NOK


Dinner Friday 10 May, 19 hrs

For social gathering before the race, we encourage participants and followers to book dinner at the hotel. If the number of bookings is sufficiently high, the hotel will serve a sports buffet. Alternatively a 3-course dinner will be served.

Price 300 NOK per person.

The sports buffet consists of 2 warm dishes, soup, sallad buffet, fruit, and dessert.

Booking is done directly with the hotel.

Telephone: + 47 23 22 24 50


Please note that you are participant/driver/support etc. in the SMVE.

Web page of the hotel:


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