Soria Moria til Verdens Ende

New race in 2018


ITRA's data base updated with runners' points


The finishers of Soria Moria til Verdens Ende and Sande til Verdens Ende now have their points updated in the data base of ITRA (the International Trail Running Association). These points can be used for example when applying to participate in Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). All recorded data for an athlete may be browsed here:


Follow the race live


Click the image below to follow the race.

Newsletter to participants


All enroled participants have received a newsletter (in Norwegian) via e-mail. You can also find it here.


The routes are ready



After a spring with testing of several alternatives the route for Soria Moria til Verdens Ende (100 miles) is finally settled. The same is true for the distance Sande til Verdens Ende (50 miles+), which follows the last half of the 100-miles route.


GPS-tracks in gpx-format can be downloaded here. From the same location one can enter to study in detail the map, route, and elevation profile. It will be possible shortly to download printable maps in pdf-format.


SVE 50 miles is qualifying race for UTMB


"We would like to confirm that your race is included in our list of qualifying races :Soria Moria Til Verdens Ende 2017 - Sande Til Verdens Ende = 4 points".


Link til UTMB:

List of obligatory equipment


List of obligatory equipment is now published.

SMVE 100 miles is qualifying race for UTMB


The 100-miles distance in Soria Moria til Verdens Ende (SMVE) 2017 is approved as qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). Completion of SMVE within the given time frame will give 6 qualifying points for UTMB.


Link to UTMB:

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